First Direct. Then, when that doesn’t work, Pretty Opaque.

So there I was, just minding my own business on the tube,* when I saw the below,

* That’s a lie – I was reading through the Evening Standard, which as actions go is probably as close to minding other people’s business as it is legally acceptable to get. I was on the tube though.

Pretty perceptive, aren't they?

which, as some of you may recall, is one of a series of adverts that has bugged me in the past. This time, however, everything suddenly became clear.

We were going to offer our customers a straightforward, comprehensible advert, but we thought you'd prefer this instead

You see, that’s what makes them so unexpected. Of course. It all makes sense now. Why didn’t they just say that in the first place, instead of wasting our time with this family of piggy banks they were thinking of getting us and which now, quite frankly, seem oddly tempting.


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