Does This Story Ring a Bell?

"Alexander Graham Bell" by Moffett Studio - Library and Archives Canada / C-017335. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Alexander Graham Bell, the man most commonly credited with inventing the telephone, was born on March 3 1847 in the Scottish town of Edinburgh. His most famous work, however, would be carried out across the Atlantic – culminating in the famous summoning of Mr Watson in Boston at the age of 29.

In the autumn of 1877, newly married to the 19-year-old Mabel Hubbard, Bell made his long-awaited return to the United Kingdom. His schedule was packed full of lectures and demonstrations, most of which have long since faded from the pages of history. A number of institutions, however, still lay claim to some historic connection with the great inventor; such as Brown’s Hotel in London, which claims to have hosted the city’s first telephone call.

In an article I wrote for the Londonist last week, I take a closer look at Bell’s time in London and examine some of these claims in more detail.


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