I’m a writer and one-time physics graduate who enjoys linking to things. I’ve written serious, well-researched news stories for the BBC’s Newsjack and News Quiz, as well as racy topical jokes for Imperial College’s research communications team. Though I sought professional assistance to curb my excessive hyperlink use, I kept getting referred elsewhere.

From 2012 to 2013 I held the license for TEDxAlbertopolis, the first TEDx event to be held at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2014 I started writing, producing, directing, presenting, researching, editing and for the most part filming episodes of 66mm Wide, an online documentary series focusing on past winners of the eponymously-dimensioned Nobel Prize for Physics. I still think it’s pretty good, though I’m sure you’ll agree it’s difficult to get the staff.

I’ve also written for the Londonist blog as well as the American website Modern Notion, and occasionally blog over at Tycho’s Nose, where I represent the deviated septum between Matt and Keir’s beautiful capacious nostrils.

For the past few years I’ve been working as a features editor at New Scientist, and occasional contributor to New Scientist Live.

I’ve also been known to appear as an accessory to improvised comedy, and am always open to new creative projects. Feel free to get in touch.


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