I’m a writer and former physicist who enjoys linking to things. In the past I’ve linked to pages as diverse as the Academy Award nominations for movies released in 1935, the etymology of the word falafel, and this picture of a shoe.

Starting in October 2007, I spent four years at Imperial College London linking to pages which broadly resembled this. After enrolling on Imperial’s MSc in Science Communication in 2011, I spent most of the following year directing people to a variety of links, including this, this, these and that.

Somewhere in between I also wrote serious, well-researched news stories for the BBC’s Newsjack and Mock the Week, as well as racy topical jokes for New Scientist and Imperial’s Research Communications team. Though I sought professional assistance to curb my excessive hyperlink use they kept referring me elsewhere.

From 2012 to 2013 I held the license for TEDxAlbertopolis, the first TEDx event to be held at the Royal Albert Hall. It may not sound like a big deal, but after a while your hand gets awfully sticky. 4,500 people attended on the 23rd of September, making it one of the largest TEDx events worldwide as well as my number one top tip for dealing with low blood pressure.

Since January 2014 I have been writing, producing, directing, presenting, researching, editing and for the most part filming episodes of 66mm Wide, an online documentary series focusing on past winners of the eponymously-dimensioned Nobel Prize for Physics. I think it’s pretty good and would love to hear from you if you agree or are willing to disagree nicely.

More recently, I’ve taken up writing for the Londonist blog as well as the American website Modern Notion. I’m also one of three regular science bloggers over at Tycho’s Nose, where I represent the deviated septum between Matt and Keir’s beautiful capacious nostrils.

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