Bonfire Night

The barricades are up along the Mall As tens of thousands throng Trafalgar Square To proudly sing the Internationale Into the icy cold November air. The Met watch powerless as in the dawn Westminster Bridge is overrun by hordes Of citizens who storm the House of Lords And set up deckchairs on the Palace lawn.… Continue reading Bonfire Night


A Letter From Berlin

Clive James, the poet, raconteur and wit, A man whose light no bushel could conceal, (A fact I'm sure he'd cheerfully admit Between prolonged quotations from O'Neill) Wrote letters home in verse - the clever git - A trick too entertaining not to steal. In striving thus to emulate my betters I hope to write more… Continue reading A Letter From Berlin


The Curious Case of the Double Dactyls and the Wasted Time

So here's a thing - I've just discovered my new favourite verse form. It's called the double dactyl, and I was thrown under the wheels of this particular poetical omnibus while following the tracks of noted Clerihovian Sam Wong. There are rules galore, but as with most things apart from keyhole surgery and flower arranging it is… Continue reading The Curious Case of the Double Dactyls and the Wasted Time