Noah and the flood

Any resemblance to any individuals living or dead is entirely deliberate and some would say in fact central to the function of satire. And the Lord said unto Noah I shall bring about a great flood. And Noah said Hold on, is this God? And the Lord confirmed that it was He. God? said Noah. … Continue reading Noah and the flood


How Holmes and Watson came together

Homoerotic undertones? Homoerotic undertones?! You must be mad. No, the Sherlock Holmes stories are just the wholesome adventures of two confirmed bachelors who live together and go about the country wantonly ejaculating left, right and centre. What sort of depraved filth-merchant could possibly think otherwise? Here, courtesy of the HTML canon and a highly-developed propensity for innuendo, is a definitive ranking of Holmes' and … Continue reading How Holmes and Watson came together

Alas, poor Yorick. I interviewed him, Horatio.

PROFILE: THE KING'S JESTER by Helena Handcart I have arranged with Yorick's PA to meet him at the Nunnery, a popular vegetarian tapas bar on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The owners market it as the best place in Denmark to see and be seen, owing to their monopoly on candles. The choice of venue surprises me. … Continue reading Alas, poor Yorick. I interviewed him, Horatio.