Nine Months’ Weight (pun included, no extra cost)

I have it on good authority that I was a very large baby. Documents to this effect, signed and certified by a legitimate medical practitioner, are currently on file at the family residence and can be viewed by all interested parties for an eminently reasonable $10 entrance fee. If we're being intimate (and for God's… Continue reading Nine Months’ Weight (pun included, no extra cost)

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Is my Colour the Same as Your Color? – POSTSCRIPT

At this precise moment, I am in my hotel room in New York City. I don't think there is any question about that. The blinding chandeliers and equally luminescent wallpaper are among the distinctive hallmarks of hotel decor and the seemingly endless vertical slabs of grey concrete I can see from outside my window could… Continue reading Is my Colour the Same as Your Color? – POSTSCRIPT


Seeing Beyond the Horizon

When I was a child living in the UK, my parents had a subscription on my behalf to the Wildlife Fact-File. As I understand this phenomenon of early-90s culture, this entitled them to weekly deliveries of glossy A4-sized sheets of paper containing photographs and detailed information about the world's wildlife. Each sheet was dedicated to… Continue reading Seeing Beyond the Horizon