Sentimental baggage

My girlfriend is a geotechnical engineer. Which means, in brief, that she tells the ground what to do. This is no easy task. The ground, you see, is used to getting its own way. A bed of limestone that has spent many happy centuries as a bed of limestone would like to carry on being… Continue reading Sentimental baggage

#SmallTales, Writing

Seigneur – (#SmallTales)

The bishop of Rouen tapped his foot impatiently and wiped the sweat off his mitred brow. He hated public burnings. They took forever. He wondered idly, as a jagged coronet of flame encircled the high-piled dais, if her fabled voices had finally deserted her. The voices that had given a shepherdess the words to challenge… Continue reading Seigneur – (#SmallTales)


Alas, poor Yorick. I interviewed him, Horatio.

PROFILE: THE┬áKING'S JESTER by Helena Handcart I have arranged with Yorick's PA to meet him at the Nunnery, a popular vegetarian tapas bar on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The owners market it as the best place in Denmark to see and be seen, owing to their monopoly on candles. The choice of venue surprises me.… Continue reading Alas, poor Yorick. I interviewed him, Horatio.