Features edited for New Scientist

A selection of pieces I’ve had the chance to collaborate on with some great writers. If you would like to see your name added to the list, feel free to pitch me at gilead[dot]amit[that at symbol I like to call a strudel]

Features written for New Scientist

Please-don’t-call-them-long-reads about computers that can argue, universes that explode, ice, glass and scientific breakthroughs of the future.

Articles written for New Scientist

Some written when I was on work experience, others when I first joined the staff, they run the gamut from neural networks to pentaquarks, and deforestation to Tourette’s.

Articles written for the Londonist

All the good articles about London having already been written by the time I started pitching, I wrote about the apocryphal tale of London’s first telephone call, businesses selected to provide services to Her Majesty the Queen, and how London became the nerve centre for Europe’s wartime resistance movements.

Articles written for Modern Notion

An American website where I wrote about the year that February had 30 days, and that time when Interpol was run by a Nazi – until he died and was replaced by another Nazi (who was killed and replaced by another Nazi*). Interpol was hella Nazi, is the point.

* Who eventually stepped aside for another Nazi.

Articles written for Tycho’s Nose

A science history blog set up with Matt Allinson and Keir Little, where highlights include pieces about history’s largest missing dinosaur and the disputed chemistry of a Biblical shade of blue.


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